Why Choose SUMMER Solar Water Heater?

Why Choose SUMMER Solar Water Heater?

  • SUMMER is designed to meet local requirements
    Being locally made with high grade material, SUMMER is adapted to meet the requirement of house owners in this region. While other solar water heaters boast of impressive thermal collectors which work even in winter, SUMMER offers you only what you need. It is specially designed for the equatorial region where there is longest sunshine and most constant temperature. SUMMER designed a range of 40, 60, 66, 90 & 100 gallons models to suit the majority needs in local.
  • SUMMER is proven safe
    Your safety is our top priority. That is why we have made SUMMER safe for you. Water is heated to about 70°C and the safety feature of a pressure temperature relief valve controls the heat pressure. Our storage tanks are suitably designed and tested for bursting pressures. SUMMER does not use an anode that causes high quantity of highly inflammable hydrogen gas to accumulate in the system, if the water from the heater is not used for two weeks or more.
  • SUMMER is made of top quality material
    SUMMER is made of high quality corrosion-free material such as stainless steel, copper and aluminium to ensure long-life and performance. A proven outstanding material for the manufacture of domestic hot water tanks, stainless steel is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, even in relatively hard waters with a high chloride content. And it is capable of withstanding water temperatures up to boiling point. This excellent performance world-wide has made stainless steel the No. 1 choice for the manufacture of domestic hot water heaters and storage tanks in recent years. SUMMER solar system also uses 20 units of 6 feet long panel, the longest in the market, quickly transforming solar rays into thermal energy. A transparent low iron glass cover traps solar rays and reduces convective heat loss.
  • SUMMER works simply and efficiently
    SUMMER uses a direct heating system which is the most suitable system in Malaysia in terms of cost and efficiency. Water circulates through 120ft with a natural process called thermosysphon to ensure better heating and no clogging, enhanced by the use of ten ½” copper tubes in each of its 2 panels. A more vertical tank offers better thermal stratification within the tank to ensure higher flow rates leading to higher efficiency.
  • SUMMER retains heat efficiently to give you hot water in any weather condition
    AQUASOLAR storage tanks are insulated with 50mm (2″) of high-density polyurethane and fibreglass wool to retain heats.
  • SUMMER is maintenance-free
    The concept of solar water heater is based on saving money and energy. Made of stainless steel, with no moving parts of any kind, SUMMER fulfils this concept. Compare this with other brands which required expensive parts, replaced and heating fluid topped up. SUMMER solar hot water system, however, needs no maintenance at all. It is self-sustaining, guaranteed to run efficiently year after year at absolutely zero cost.
  • SUMMER is guaranteed to last
    A good solar water heater system should not only be reasonably priced but also durable to last 10 to 20 years to justify its initial cost. To prove our confidence in the performance and durability of SUMMER solar water heater, we are proud to attach a guarantee for the first (1st) year and 9 years warranty for the remaining years.

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