Solar Water Heater Heating Element (backup heater)

Solar Water Heater Heating Element & Thermostat (Backup Heater) 

During the raining season, we recommend customer to turn ON the backup heater switch to boil the water using current for at least one hour. If there is no temperature different after you turn on, please call our service team to check the heating element and thermostat.

The faulty of Solar hot water heater system backup heater can cause leaking, booster tripped, no hot water during the raining season. Call us for replacement.

Insufficient sunlight
Insufficient sunlight due to cloudy weather during hotter months or
low solar energy contribution in colder months may mean the
booster heating unit is required to boost more often.

Ensure the booster heating unit is being used as advised.

Booster heating unit not operating
Inspect the isolating switch marked “HOT WATER” or “WATER
HEATER” at the switchboard and ensure it is turned “ON”.
Check the timer (if one is installed) and it’s settings to ensure power
is available to the booster heating unit.

Note: Check the electricity supply to which the unit is connected. If
on an Off-Peak or time controlled supply, remember heating hours
are restricted

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