SUMMERTM Solar Water Heating System User Guide

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Please take some time to read through this user guide to understand how to operate and use your solar water heater. The following tips will help you get the most out of your SUMMERTM product and enjoy years of trouble-free use.

  1. SUMMER Solar water heaters are weather and temperature dependent. Generation of hot water via solar energy will be slower and the maximum temperature attained will be lower when there are overcast skies, cloudiness, haze and / or rain during the daytime hours.
  2. For safety reasons, the maximum temperature of the water in the storage tank is capped at 70°C. Educate children on the proper use of mixer taps and bathroom safety to prevent accidents.
  3. Your solar water heater is fitted with an external temperature and pressure (P/T) valve. This valve releases water from time to time to regulate the temperature and pressure inside the storage tank. It is normal to observe some amount of water from the roof as a result.
  4. Remember to turn off the electric booster (heating element) after each use to prolong its lifespan and to save electricity.
  5. The electric booster switch requires a 15A rated fuse for safe operation.
  6. SUMMER recommends the use of a water filter. This is to ensure the water supply to the house and your solar water heater is free from impurities that can cause blockages inside your house water pipes and the solar water heater.


Trouble-shooting Guide

There is no water


a) Check if the main water stop-cock is closed.

b) Check water supply at the taps.  If there is no water at the taps, the water supply to the house could be interrupted. Check with your local water authority.

There is no hot water


a) Check if there is water coming from the hot taps. If there is water but is not hot, keep the tap running for 1-2 minutes and check the temperature again. This will allow the cooled water in the house hot piping to flush out.

b) Check if there had been excessive usage of hot water during the day. Turn on the electric booster to generate hot water quickly.

c) The solar water heater will not be able to generate hot water if the sky was overcast, cloudy or raining during the daytime hours. Turn on the electric booster to generate hot water quickly.

Water is dripping from the roof

(outside the house)


a) Check if the drip is intermittent (i.e. 30-60 minute intervals).  It is normal for the solar water heater to releases water from time to time via its P/T valve.

b) If the drip continues for more than 2 hours, turn off the main water supply and call our After-Sales number.

c) If the drip increases when the house water pump (if any) is turned on, turn off the main water supply and call our After-Sales number.

Water is dripping from the ceiling

(inside the house)

a) Turn off the main water supply immediately and call your plumber to check for piping leaks as soon as possible.
The electric booster does not work.

The water does not heat up.


a) Check if there is continuous usage of hot water since the electric booster was turned on. It requires at least 20 minutes to generate enough hot water for one shower.

b) Get a qualified electrician to inspect and ensure the wiring to the electric booster switch was done properly.

c) Call our After-Sales number to check if the electric booster has malfunctioned.

The electricity supply trips when

I turn on the electric booster


a) Get a qualified electrician to replace the fuse at the electric booster switch and to inspect the wiring.

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