Solar Water Heater Common Leaking Problem in Malaysia

Solar Water Heater Leaking Problem in Malaysia

Saw some water leaking on the roof but not sure which part of it is leaking?  ✅ There are few factors to cause the solar water heater leaking. ✅ like:- solar heater leaking, solar water heater tank leaking, ⭐solar heater panels leaking, solar water heater heating element leaking, solar water heater thermostat leaking, solar heater pressure relief valve leaking, solar heater pressure temperature valve leaking, solar heater Ptvalve leaking, solar heater piping leaking, ⭐ solar heater fittings leaking, and solar heater roof top tiles leaking.

Basically, we can group it into three (3) possibilities. ‼️

1. Solar Hot water piping or fitting leaking

For the long run, the solar heater hot water piping and fitting might be leaking. The leaking are either on the roof or in the ceiling.

This type of problem we go will only charge basic site inspection labor charge  + cost for piping and fittings only, prices upon site inspection.


2.  Solar Heater Spare parts leaking

Solar Water Heater spare parts we have solar heater heating element, solar heater thermostat, check valve and solar water heater pressure temperature valve (Pressure relief valve). Our company do supply and install these spare parts and provide 1 year warranty



3.  Solar Storage Tank or Solar Panel Leaking 

If the solar is under warranty (normally 10 years for majority brands), claim for warranty.
If not under warranty, we will propose to you either change tank, change solar panel or replace the whole set. To purchase new solar water heater .


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