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Puregen Water Pump is the leading manufacturer of Pump system is USA since year 1978 and it enter Malaysia market since year 2001. BWS do supply and install Puregen Water Pressure pump with reasonable price and also do repair puregen water pump, service puregen water booster pump, installation of puregen water pump malaysia and puregen pump service & maintenance.

Puregen Water Pump Malaysia supply a wide range of puregen water pump such as pgh230,pgh240, pgh440 and pgk440.

pgk 230 Water Pressure PumpQuality
PureGen works with the NSF, and the WQAto ensure the highest quality and safest products. Many of our products are certified to the toughest industry standards. Our NSF series R.O. systems are certified to NSF / ANSI Standard 58.

pgk 440 Water Pressure PumpValue
PureGen has been a leader in providing water treatment systems and components for over 15 years. With a diverse and growing product line of products made in the USA and overseas, we are able to provide you with the quality and pricing you need to be competitive in today’s challenging market.

5S Features

Smart A premium and trustworthy digital controller to start-stop the water pressure pump smartly and silently transmit the water pressure.
Silence Its design with its extraordinary and innovative design to product the pump with minimum sound in action.
Stylish Completed with innovative technology with stainless steel materials.
Superior Pump is produced according to international standard and stringent PureGen quality programme.
Simple Our pumps are easy to be installed and operating, actual settings are clearly indicated by indicator lights on user friendly control panel.


Technical Spec

pgk 230 Water Pressure Pump Specification Water Pressure Pump 1

pgk 440 Water Pressure Pump

Specification Water Pressure Pump 2logo_certification


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1.Which model of pump should you choose

  • PGH2-30 : Supply for 2 to 3 bathrooms
  • PGH2-40 : Supply for 3 to 4 bathrooms
  • PGH4-40 : Supply for 4 to 5 bathrooms

2.Why should you install a water pressure pump?

To increase the water pressure while there are multiple bathrooms using water at the same time.

3.Where to install the water pressure pump?

Beside your cold water tank (outlet).  Main direct -> Water Filter -> Water Tank -> Water Pump -> Bathrooms’ showers

4. What is our installation include?

Our installation including Cold Water Pipes, Bypass valves, Check Valve, Union Valve and Labor.

5. When should I turn on the pump?

The Pump should turned ON 24 hours as it have a digital control (Turn “On” while using water, Turn “Off” while not using water)

6.Is the Pump high electricity consumption?

Nope, it is just 400 Watt to 600 Watt only. (Around RM0.15 when using for 1 hour)

7. Preparation before installation?

  • 13 Amp single phase plug point.
  • Water and electricity supply




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