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Solar Water Heater Commons Problems in Malaysia

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Solar Water Heater Symptoms and Troubleshooting

Below shows the commons problems’ symptom and solutions.

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Symptom Component Possible cause Remedy / Check
Not enough hot water / Poor performance a. Collector panel 1. Partially shaded 1. Reduce shading or relocate collector panels
(For first time installation troubleshoot only) 2. Improper Orientation 2. Check direction; South is the best direction. North is not suggested.
3. Improper tilt 3. Check tilt; set equal to latitude ±15º
4. Improperly plumbed 4. Check connection from collector to storage. Joint at storage tank must not be at same level or lower than collector.
5. Dirty glazing 5. Clean collector panel’s surface.
6. Leakage 6. Replace the collector panel.
b. Piping 1. Nighttime thermosiphoning (circulation pump only) 1. Check for pump running at night time. Contact installers.
2. Leakage 2. Tighten leaking spot.
c. Storage tank 1. Insufficient size / over usage 1. Check mixer tap. Possibility of consuming hot water without realising.
2. High storage losses 2. Check tank insulation.
3. Leakage 3. Replace the storage tank.
No hot water in the morning a. Storage tank 1. High storage losses 1. Check tank insulation.
2. Leakage 2. Replace the tank.
b. Collector panel 1. Leakage 1. Replace collector panel.
c. PT valve 1. Leakage 1. Check heater switch. Full-time running back-up heater will cause PT valve to jammed.
Leakage a. PT valve 1. Overheating 1. Check heater switch. Full-time running back-up heater will cause PT valve to jammed.
1a. Check pump pressure.
b. Storage tank 1. Manufacturing defect 1. Replace the tank
c. Collector panel 1. Manufacturing defect 1. Replace collector panel
Booster trip Heating Element / Thermostat 1. Defect 1. Replace heating element / thermostat
2. Lightning struck 2. Replace element and install lightning arrestor
No hot water supply a. Pressure pump 1. Pump not working 1. Check pressure pump
b. Piping 1. Inlet valve closed 1. Open water inlet valve
2. Water Inlet to storage not connected 2. Connect water inlet
3. No incoming water supply from main 3. Check main water supply
Booster not working Heater switch 1. Wiring not connected 1. Check for wiring connection
Noisy system a. Check valve 1. Faulty check valve 1. Replace check valve
b. Air locked 1. Shortage of water supply happened 1. Air bleeding. Open the water tap and wait until the air fully bleeded. Approximately 15 to 20 mins
c. Piping system 1. Hammering 1. Poor plumbing system. Check piping’s mounting.

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