Repairing or Buying New Set of Solar Water Heater System?

Repairing or Buying New Set of Solar Water Heater System?

Based on our experience throughout the years, some cases we recommend customer to replace with a new Solar Hot Water System instead of doing any repairing jobs because it’s not every faulty solar water heater is worth for repairing. Buying a new solar system at least can last another 10 more years.

Every product have it’s product life time, same to solar heater system.

There are few brands in the market and it have it’s product life time. Some solar heater can last longer due to their product quality like the materials it used, welding technology, the thickness of the stainless steel water tank and regular after sales service.

Solar Water Heater Service Center

Common problem:-
1. Short circuit
2. Water not hot
3. Hot water no pressure
4. Water leaking on roof
5. Hot water return back to Cold water piping
6. Backup heater turned on but not hot.

We service & repair:-
– Heating element
– Thermostat
– Pressure Temperature Valve
– Solar panel
– Solar water tank

Brands we serves:
Summer, Solarmate, Solahart, Solarpower, Solarplus, Solarmax, Aquasolar, Mysolar, Solarwave, Solarpolo, Smartsolar, Solartech, Monier, Pecol, Matahari and Greensolar

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