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For more than 10 years, as one of the pioneer to supply Solar Water Heater in Malaysia, has been providing carbon and energy savings for hot water technology in Malaysia and around the world. BWS’s extensive experience in the water treatment industry that enables us to develop solar water heating system – focusing on energy conservation, reducing carbon emissions and reducing water heating costs.

From Solar panels to pressurized hot water storage tanks, air source heat pumps and water boilers. BWS is the main distributor of summer solar water heaters in Malaysia. Our state-of-the-art machines in Kuala Lumpur ensure the precision of all our processes.

Solar Water Heater Repair & Service in Malaysia

  • Heating element not function
  • Thermostat burned
  • Pressure Temperature Valve Leaking
  • Tank leaking
  • Panels leaking
  • Booster Tripped
  • Installation problem
  • Site inspection


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Having problem with your SUMMER solar water heater? Call our technician for site inspection. We provide servicing checking solar tank, panels, spare parts, piping and fittings.

  1. What is a SUMMER Solar Water Heating System?
    A SUMMER Solar Water Heating System is what we call a solar thermal system used to heat water by converting the solar radiation energy to heat water. The SUMMER solar panels are usually installed on the roof or an angled frame; SUMMER panels will then absorb the energy for water heating use.
  2. Why do I need a SUMMER hot water storage tank?
    The storage tank is developed especially for hot water storage. Solartech has developed technologies to ensure the lowest heat emissions from your SUMMER tank, thus ensuring less wastage via heat loss. Hence, Hot Water Any Time, Every Time.
  3. Why does SUMMER Solar Hot Water Systems require only 6-8 riser tubes?
    SUMMER solar water heaters are optimized for your water heating needs. We at Solartech have put our system through the paces over the years, rigorously testing for the optimum system for your needs. Our conclusion: Solartech’s riser tubes are larger in diameter and longer than the average solar collectors as demonstrated by the large size of our panels; this has the advantage of a larger surface area for the fluids to pass through the tubes. A larger surface are equates to a much more efficient rate of heat transfer and hence overall a more effective solar hot water system.
  4. What is the Life Span of a SUMMER Solar Hot Water System?
    SUMMER solar water heaters have a life expectancy of greater than 20 years as we have observed over the course of our 30 years in the business. We provide a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years for our CX and SX models and up to 15 years for our flagship SUMMER TX models.
  5. What is the Payback/ROI of the SUMMER Solar Water Heating System?
    In a normal household of 4-6 people which spends approximately 20-40% of their electricity bills on water heating, the return on investment in a SUMMER water heater is usually within 3-5 years.
  6. Will I still get hot water supply during cloudy or rainy days?
    A short period of rainfall should not affect the supply of hot water. However, a prolonged number of cloudy days would require the booster heater to be turned on.
  7. Do I have to switch it on at night or early in the morning?
    The heater generally will only kick in if turned on when temperatures are maintained below 60ºC. SUMMER systems have no problems maintaining this temperature throughout the night due to its excellent PU foam insulation. Hence, you will only need to switch on the heater in case of bad weather or excessive hot water usage (visitors, etc). Or just keep it on and let the thermostat control it for you trouble-free.
  8. What temperatures can the SUMMER Solar Water Heater heat the water to?
    For general home use, international hot water standards are set at 60ºC. Hence we have set the thermostat to 60ºC; the thermostat triggers the booster heater to kick in when water temperatures are maintained below 60ºC. However, please note that SUMMER hot water systems has the capacity to heat water up to 90ºC. We at Solartech are conscious of your safety and have inbuilt a relief valve to prevent the water temperature from rising above this figure.


For more information, call 03-95437431 / 012-2332243 or email to [email protected].

Contact us at 012-2332243 for Sales & Service Support! 



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